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The Blessing Children's Home

The Blessing Children's Home

Building The Baby House

Architect Rendering showing Baby House, Future Family Home and Community Kitchen.

The Blessing will be a Children's Home that will not only bless the children in its care, but the staff, volunteers, and community. We want it to be a place where everyone who enters will not only be blessed, but be given the opportunity to bless others as well. We believe God is going to do amazing things and we want everyone that we know to be involved in this blessing.


The blessing will offer vulnerable babies & children a family that cares and loves them.  We have a vision to provide complete holistic care for 50 children.  We will accept babies & toddlers; many children's homes do not take in toddlers & babies as they cost substantially more to care for and require more staffing. We see this need and are excited to be a part of the solution!  We believe that God will provide and that He cares deeply for them.  We also know that the earlier we can intercede in the lives of these vulnerable children, the better chance they will have to heal and grow into the person God intended them to be.  We will provide consistent, loving care through Christian parents that will raise 6-8 children in each home.  Consistent parents that love and care for these children is the back bone of our vision, it's the single most important need for all children, and it's critical for children who have had traumatic life experiences & abuse.  


Children need love, quality time, someone to show them they matter, they need to know their voice is heard, they need a sense of belonging. Our vision is to give them more than just an opportunity to go to school, nutritious food, and clean clothing. We envision giving these children a true family, for them to be restored and redeemed and ultimately to know who they belong to, Jesus. Our greatest need is to be connected, to God & to others. We were created for this.

Join us & be a Blessing

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