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Change Lives Through Serving


Pequenos Gigantes Orphanage & Unenidos Lasos Women's Restoration Center

We converted this truck into a 10,000 liter water truck complete with a mounted, gas powered, water pump.  This truck is a beast and will now provide the best, sustainable option we could find regarding clean drinking water and water for their laundry, dishes, & toilets.  Water has been the biggest need for these ministries for the past 3 years and we are gratefult that God would use us to provide a solution.  They do an amazing job caring for the children and women at the restoration center(Unenidos Lasos).  The Lord provided the resources so we could purchase all these parts in addition to fixing the truck, a new battery, new windshield, & body work.  God also provided a brother from their church that is donating the water now that they have the means to transport.  

Providing Water

Before the water truck, there was the empty well.  For years there was no water for Pequenos Gigantes as the water table had dropped too low.  They had an empty "pila" that is about 15 feet deep and 8 feet wide.  We decided to pay for water to be delivered a couple times a month.  Then some of our amazing volunteers built a cover to protect the kids and keep the water clean & then they added electrical & a pump to pump the water into the home for showers, toilets, and doing dishes.  They had been praying for years for a solution and God provided!

Fixing Faulty Construction Designs

Occasionally, we come across construction projects that were done by well meaning people that simply did not have the construction skills necessary to provide quality work.  In these situations, we help by connecting individuals with the appropriate skills to these projects to correct the work and ensure safety and quality moving forward.  


Pequenos Gigantes was experiencing serious water damage affecting the boys bathroom as well as an added roof that was attached by only a couple of small 2x4's.  This presented major safety issues, water damage and the potential for future mold problems.  Our friends from Rocklin, California brought a team of skilled construction workers down & fixed all these issues as well as adding electrical outlets and lights to this room.



Meeting Emergency Needs

La Morada Orphanage

While serving dinner we learned that their fridge had recently broke & was beyond repair.  The next day we were able to go buy a new fridge, deliver & install it.

​They were grateful that we were able to step in & help as they had no idea how they would pay for this necessity.  They were also able to save most of their food from going bad.  

Without our generous donors we would not be able to step in and make an immediate impact when these kind of problems arise.

Remodeling The Kitchen

Pequenos Gigantes Orphanage


Changing the kitchen at Pequenos was awesome!  We moved the kitchen to a different room which allowed us to design a multi-purpose room where the kids could do homework, play games, write on the chalkboard wall, etc...  In this project we used some of the resources they already had, including the industrial sinks and cabinets that had been previously donated.  With the addition of the water pump, we were able to run water to the new kitchen, as well as propane to the new stove.  


Our groups helped us make a new dining table for the kids to eat on as well as purchasing a new fridge and stove for their new kitchen.  

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