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We all desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

If you are reading this chances are you are also looking for a way to use your gifts and talents to make a greater impact.  Please consider partnering with us and help provide quality care for orphaned and vulnerable children & widows in need.  You can make a difference!

We all have God given gifts and talents that we can use to make an impact for God's kingdom. We have seen 6 year old children come & serve food, help build window screens, help paint a new room, & give out birthday gifts to children in need.  It's amazing what God does when we step out in faith and serve others.  


Do not fall into the trap thinking you need to do something "BIG" that will get noticed by many or go viral on social media.  Jesus gave us a great example, He spent His last dinner washing the disciples feet.  While they were thinking of who would be greatest, He was demonstrating the humble act of serving others.  He set this example and many others and said Go & do likewise.  

How can you use your gifts and talents to help orphans & widows in need?  The need is great and the workers are few, but we know that God will provide everything needed to do His will.  What Is God calling you to do?  Pray, seek Him, He will show you. How can you serve?  

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