Power the Baby House
Movement Mortgage Match

Cage Lamp

We have an amazing opportunity to provide power the Baby House & our Long-term Volunteer Housing.
Thanks to Nathan Cornett & Movement Mortgage, we have a dollar for dollar matching gift of $25,000. That means every dollar donated is automatically doubled up to $25,000. Simply click the link below.

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The property for The Blessing Children's home sits on 5 acres in La Salina, Baja Mexico. The community does not have power with the exception of some small solar systems. To pull the power from the nearest transformer, we need to pay to run the power lines and poles over a mile.  In addition, we will need to buy a transformer to ensure we have adequate power for the Baby Home and future houses. Having consistent power is crucial for us to be able to open and start taking in babies and toddlers in need.  Thank you for partnering with us on the important need.